Death on Stage DVD

from Larva


Ref: AD-HUN-124-DVD
Format: transparent PVC DVD box
Release date: 18.02.2019


1. Amargura (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
2. La maldad se encuentra en ti (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
3. Agachar la cabeza (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
4. Frio y oscuro amanecer (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
5. Destructive device (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
6. Hienas (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
7. Mutilaci?n interior (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
8. Palabras vacias (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
9. Save me from myself (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
10. The peace of suicide (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
11. You are alone (live in Kiev / Ukraine)
12. Agachar la cabeza (live in Dallas / USA)
13. Destructive device (live in Dallas / USA)
14. La maldad se encuentra en ti (live in Dallas / USA)
15. You are alone (live in Dallas / USA)
16. Mi mundo nunca fue el vuestro (live in Dallas / USA)
17. Hienas (live in Dallas / USA)
18. Family error (live in Dallas / USA)
19. Frio y oscuro amanecer (live in Dallas / USA)
20. Save me from myself (live in Dallas / USA)
21. Destructive device (live in Paris / France)
22. Die in silence (live in Paris / France)
23. Save me from myself (official music video)
24. If I only could (official music video)

total running time: 112:45

p+c 2018-2019 Larva / Advoxya Records.

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